Import Influencers

Automatically upload a group of influencer profiles to the Influencity IRM.

Your Influencity IRM is like a contact list, but better. It’s basically a one-stop shop where you can save your influencers, view their metrics, contact them, negotiate pricing, and organize them into lists.

If there are specific content creators that you already know of and wish to include in your IRM, learn how to do so here. 

How Can I Import Various Influencers to My IRM?

Influencity is currently working on a feature that will let you add influencer profiles as a mass action by uploading an Excel or CSV file to your IRM

Until then, there’s a workaround where you can create an Excel spreadsheet or CSV and send it to

What Information Do I Need to Include in My Excel spreadsheet or CSV?

 Please provide us with the following information:

  • The influencer names or @handles.
  • The profile URLs (check out this article for tips on how to find this on YouTube).

Next, send this document to along with your brand account name and email address. It may take a few days to upload your data, once it’s included you will be informed by email.

Tip: If you have a Customer Success Manager assigned, you can contact them directly.

Next Steps

Learn about the metrics we offer for influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and how to interpret them.