Influencer Payments Frequently Asked Questions

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Influencer Payments with Influencity

Do I Need My Influencers’ Bank Details?

No, the only information you need to complete a payment is a description of the activity (ex: Spring ‘24 campaign), amount (in any currency), and the country where your influencer is located

Do I Need to Register My Influencers?

No, you do not need to register your influencers or follow up with them to request their payment details. All of this will be taken care of by Influencity. 

What Currency Options Are Available for Payment?

You can pay influencers in 143 different currencies and in 186 different countries. The only requirement is that you pay Influencity in the same currency that you will pay your influencers. For example, if you wish to pay your influencers in Australian dollars, the payment you send to Influencity must also be in Australian dollars. 

Is There a Fee to Pay Influencers Via Influencity?

All payments made via Influencity are subject to a flat 3.5% fee

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What is Bankgiro Transfer?

A General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO) is a cashless payment method where banks directly move money from one account to another. These bank-to-bank transfers can be domestic and international and the system is commonly used in Europe and Asia. For more information on Bankgiro transfers, see here

What Plans Have Access to Influencer Payments?

This feature is available for clients with a Pro subscription and above, and for any bundle subscription that includes Campaigns