Understanding Your Influencity Receipt

Your billing information explained.

Let us break down your Influencity invoice for you. Don’t know where to find your receipt? Click here.

The invoice used in this article is for an Influencity Bundle. Check out these articles for information on how to create a bundle and their pricing.

Unused Time

This refers to the time remaining on your previous plan after making an upgrade. In this case, the original billing period was meant to end on 22 July, but as the upgrade took place on 12 July, the unused time between 12-22 July would be added to your balance. As such, your first new invoice would be slightly lower as that one-time credit would be applied. 

Note: Your new subscription would start on 12 July and be billed on the 12th of every month.

Report Storage

This user purchased a Pro Reports Bundle which allows you to run 5 reports simultaneously by default. As no additional reports were added, no extra fees were charged. 

Monthly Analyses

These are what you are “charged” when you analyze or update profiles in your IRM. In this case, 50 monthly analyses are included in the Pro IRM & Data plan

The first pricing tier, for 51-150 analyses, is billed at $37.50 per month per 25 ($1.50/analysis). Therefore, the 100 analyses added at this price come to $150. 

The more analyses you purchase, the more you save. The next pricing tier, for 151-600 analyses, is $30 per month per 25 ($1.20/analysis). As such, the 50 analyses billed at this tier come to $60. 

Influencer Storage

This refers to the number of influencers you can save to your IRM at any given time. As with the analyses, a certain number come with the Pro IRM & Data plan by default. After this, they are charged according to the pricing tier. 

Your storage can be adjusted when you design your bundle

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Monthly Results

This is what you are “charged” when you run searches in Discover. The first 3,000 results are included in the Pro Discover product. The fee in the next tier, 3001-6000, is $5 a month per 1000 results ($.005/monthly result). The total charged in this tier is $15. 

In the next tier, 6001-2500, the cost is $4.5 a month per 1000 ($.0045/monthly result). The 9000 results charged in this tier come to $40.50.

The Products Included in a Bundle

Reports Pro, My Influencer Pro, and Discover Pro, are the 3 products that make up this bundle. Each comes at a cost of $98 per month. 


This total includes:

  • The Reports Pro, My Influencers Pro, and Discover Pro products.
  • Extra monthly analyses, priced at 2 different tiers.
  • Extra influencer storage, priced at 2 different tiers.
  • Extra monthly results, priced at 2 different tiers. 

The 15% discount for purchasing 3 bundle products together. 

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