Why Can't I Upgrade/Downgrade?

Here are some reasons why you may not be able to upgrade/downgrade your account.

I Can’t Upgrade My Account

You Have Already Used Your Two Monthly Upgrades

Influencity allows you to make up to two changes to your account per month. This includes both upgrades and downgrades. If you’ve already passed this limit, you would have to wait until next month to upgrade your account. If this is an urgent matter, please write to us at support@influencity.com and we will try to help you. 

Your Billing Information Isn't Updated

If paying by card, make sure that it is still set to accept recurring payments, including for a higher amount. Your bank may also require authorization for international payments. If you’re paying by monthly transfer, you might want to check with your bank to make sure the higher subscription fee can be paid.

You’ve Subscribed to Fewer Products

Say, for example, you’re not consistently using the Campaign and Reports products and would like to dedicate more of your budget to finding and analyzing influencers. In this case, you might change your subscription from Professional to a bundle with Discover, IRM, extra analyses and influencer storage capacity for influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Here, even though your overall spending may go up (like an upgrade), technically you are subscribing to fewer products and the platform interprets this as a downgrade. Due to this, the platform may ask you to complete this process during the last 5 days of your billing cycle. If you’ve encountered difficulties with this, please contact support@influencity.com

I Can’t Downgrade My Account

You Have Already Used Your Two Monthly Downgrades

As mentioned above, clients are only allowed to make two upgrades/downgrades per month. However, as soon as the next month or billing cycle begins, this number will be reset and you will once again be permitted to make changes to your account.

You Are Not Downgrading During the Last 5 Days of Your Billing Cycle

The Influencity platform can only process downgrades during the last 5 days of an account’s billing cycle. This means that if your subscription is due to renew on 30 April, your window to change to a lower subscription would be between 26-30 April.

Caution: If you try to downgrade outside of this time period you will get a notice saying that this action cannot be completed. If this is an urgent matter, please contact support@influencity.com 

You Are Over Your New Subscription Limits

When you downgrade to a different product, your account will need to match the limits described in your new subscription package.

To illustrate this, let’s look at this screenshot of the Influencity pricing price. The column on the right shows what’s included in the Professional subscription. This product allows you to save 600 influencers in the Influencer Relationship Management Product and to maintain 100 lists. 

The Basic product, however, only allows for 100 stored influencers and one list. If a client currently has 150 saved influencers and wants to change to a Basic subscription, they would need to delete some saved influencers from their IRM in order to meet the limits of the Basic subscription.


The same applies for Campaigns and Reports. If you currently have more campaigns and reports than what is included in your new subscription, you will not be able to downgrade.

Note: You can erase and re-add influencers to your IRM at any time. You can also save your searches so it’s easy to go back and find their profiles.