Linking Zoho via IMAP

Learn how to link your Zoho messenger service via IMAP and email Influencers from within Influencity.

​​Link your Zoho messenger service via IMAP to send individual emails from the Influencers product. Once you’ve linked your messenger service, you’ll be able to use Influencity to send and/or receive emails from the influencers you have stored in your IRM. Setting up this option gives Influencity permission to send emails using your company’s server.

Steps for Linking Your Zoho Messenger Service to Influencity

Make sure you enable access to IMAP to link it with Influencity. Log in to your Zoho account and follow the following steps:

  • Go to your Account Settings.


  • Click on Mail Accounts.


  • Click on IMAP.


  • Click on IMAP Access.


Next Steps

Now that your Zoho account has been configured, integrate your account to the Influencity platform.