How to Use the Bio Filter in Combination with the Hashtag Filter

Optimize your search using these two filters together.

The advantage of both of these filters is that they allow you to specify your search beyond the categories available in the Influencity interest filter. If you’re searching for niche accounts, such as moms, pets, or LGBT influencers, these filters can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

What Is the Bio Filter and How Do I Use It?

An Instagrammer’s bio is the short section that appears below their username in their profile. Influencers often use this section to describe their content. 

Say you’re looking for yoga influencers, but when you search for the interest Fitness & Yoga, your results contain other fitness profiles that are not relevant to your brand. To get around this, type ‘Yoga’ in the Bio filter and Influencity will bring only the profiles that contain this word. 

In our example below, this influencer has centered her page around yoga content and has included this in her bio. As such, her profile would be included in your search.

Instagram bio

Warning: Your results will directly match the text that you enter. For example, if you were to type ‘Yoga teacher’ instead of ‘Yoga,’ this profile would not appear. 

What Is the Hashtag Filter and How Do I Use It?

#Hashtags are a way to sort content by type. For example, if you’ve selected the interest Restaurants, Food & Grocery but want to focus on content creators that identify themselves as foodies, you can do so by typing #foodie. 

This way, any content creator who has included this hashtag in their posts would be picked up by the search engine and included in your results.

Foodie hashtag

Tip: As these filters only return the results that directly match your text, it’s a good idea to do some research beforehand to see the bios and #hashtags that are trending. 

Can I Use These Filters on TikTok and YouTube?

Yes, refine your TikTok searches using the Bio filter and look for YouTubers using #hashtags.