What Is the Follower Quality Metric and What Is it For?

Make the most of your influencer marketing by assuring that your message reaches real followers, not bots or spam accounts.

So you’ve found an influencer that you like, added them to your collection under My Influencers, and now have full access to over 20 different metrics about their profile. This article will explain all about the Follower Quality Metric and how to use it to find content creators with a high-quality audience. For a general overview on how to analyze and work with your saved influencers, please see our guide to your IRM home

What Is a Nice Follower?

In the image below, an influencer’s total number of followers is divided into two: Nice Followers (purple) and Doubtful Followers (pink). The quality percentage is the calculation made between the two. But what does this actually mean? A nice follower is basically a member of an influencer’s audience who is useful to you. It’s an account run by a real person who may be receptive to your influencer marketing strategy.


Follower Quality Metric

What Is a Doubtful Follower?

A doubtful follower is an account that is either inactive or a bot. An inactive account is not technically a bad thing – many are real people who have just chosen to stop using their account. However, if you’re investing in an influencer to help share your product or idea, these inactive accounts are not helpful to your communications strategy. 

A bot, on the other hand, is a software application meant to emulate human activity online. This can include leaving posts and likes on a large scale. Bots may also follow many people while having hardly any followers themselves. Unfortunately, bots are quite common these days and it’s estimated that around 8% of Instagram users are bots. Avoid accounts with many bot followers by using our Follower Quality metric when choosing the influencer for your campaign. 

What is a Good Number of Nice Followers?

In general, any influencer with over 75% nice followers can be considered to have a good quality rating.

Tip: An influencer with above 85% has an excellent Nice Follower rating!

How Can I Filter for Influencers with Only Nice Followers?

If you want to avoid influencers with a high number of doubtful followers without having to analyze each individual account, you can do this when running searches on the Discover page. When setting your filters, scroll down to the bottom and tick the Only credible accounts filter. When you tick this field, only influencers with an 80% Nice Follower Quality rating will be included in your results.

Only Credible Followers_Filter

None of My Influencers Have 100% Nice Followers

Unfortunately, bots are becoming more common on social networks. It’s also normal for real accounts to remain inactive if the user loses access or decides to spend less time on this platform. For these two reasons, it’s unlikely for even the best influencers to have a 100% Nice Follower Quality rating.  

Can I Avoid Influencers with Doubtful Followers on YouTube?

Yes, we can analyze influencer follow quality on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.