How to Create Audience Discount Codes

How and when to use discount codes in Influencity

What Are Audience Discount Codes?

Audience discount codes, often referred to as audience benefits or influencer promo codes, are unique codes created by brands and shared by influencers. The concept behind these codes is for influencers to share a special discount code with their followers, encouraging them to make purchases during a limited-time offer. Typically, these codes are personalized with the influencer's name. For instance, "JANEDOE10" might be a code associated with an influencer named Jane Doe, offering a 10% discount to her audience.

Brands utilize these codes to monitor sales, allowing them to gauge the portion of sales attributable to a particular influencer.


Why Use Discount Codes?

Discount codes have become popular among all types of businesses multiple: 

  • Increased conversions and sales - oftentimes, audience segments will interact with your posts for some time before they are convinced to buy. A discount can help motivate users and turn your “window shoppers” into buyers.
  • Easy tracking and attribution - codes can be structured in different ways to track sales and attribution. Some businesses share the same promo code across various influencers and segment by campaign, discount, or product. Others customize codes with an influencer’s name in order to attribute the sales they make. These different options give you all kinds of data into what most incentivizes your customers, how seasonality affects your business, and which products are best suited for certain kinds of promotions. 
  • Introduce a new product or experience - codes don’t have to be for new customers, you can also use them to introduce a new line or even promote sales and special offers. 
  • A frictionless and interactive shopping experience - influencers have worked hard to build up a loyal community, and these followers are often eager to try the brands their favorite influencers love. Not only do influencer discount codes provide a real-life  context for your products, they're also low friction, as influencers can share the direct link where users can go and make their purchase. 

Note: If this is your first time using Influencity programs, you may need to integrate your Shopify store with Influencity. Learn how to do so here