Interpreting Outreach Metrics

Learn to read the results of your email outreach campaigns

Where to Find Outreach Metrics

You can view in-depth performance details in the Performance tab. Starting from the top you have:

Successful delivery - Emails that were sent and accepted by the recipients’ email server. 

Bounces - Emails that could not be delivered. This could be because the address doesn’t exist (check for typos in the address), the recipient's inbox is full, or because a high number of your outreach emails have been marked as spam. To improve the health of your outbound emails, check these tips from Google.

Unsubscribes - Recipients who have unsubscribed using the link provided.

Spam reports - The recipients who report your message as spam in comparison to the total number of emails delivered. To maintain a low spam rate, it's important to proactively monitor and phase out disengaged subscribers before they resort to marking your emails as spam. Ideally, your spam rate should be below .10%. If your rate rises to .30% or higher, you should thoroughly review and clean your email list to avoid being suspended by your email provider.

The open rate compares unique opens (each recipient is only counted once, no matter how many times they open it) to total opens (the overall number of times the email has been opened, including multiple opens by the same influencer). This comparison give you an idea about the repeat engagement and retainment of your subscribers. 

Note: Opens are only registered when the image loads on the recipient's side. This is because opens are tracked by including a transparent .png file, which will only work if there is an HTML component to the email (i.e., text only emails will not track opens). As many email service providers disable images by default, this data will only show up if the recipient clicks on display images button

Click rate - Unique clicks only count each recipient once, regardless of how many times they clicked. 

Influencer top opens & Influencer top clicks - Use these to see the influencers who most engaged with your content

Top clicked links - These are the links or CTAs that performed the best. Compare your best performing links to the less successful ones to get an idea of how to improve your link placement and copy.

Opens by email provider & Clicks by email provider - A recipient’s email provider is included when an email is opened or a link is clicked. 


You can also see global email data in the Recipients tab:

  • Influencers included as recipients
  • The total number of emails sent
  • The number of emails delivered (sent emails minus bounces and recipients who unsubscribed from your previous emails)
  • Emails opened
  • The number of clicks on links in your email
  • The number of bounces
  • The number of recipients who have clicked on unsubscribe (influencers who unsubscribe to this email will appear here, in sent, and in delivered)
  • The number of spam reports (influencers who mark this outreach email as spam will appear here and in sent)
  • Emails not sent (this includes influencers who you included in previous outreach emails and clicked unsubscribe)