How Do I Use TikTok Filters?

Use our filters to optimize your TikTok searches.

Use the Discover product to find influencers on TikTok. To get started, click on Search Influencers.

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Next, select TikTok from the drop-down menu. 

Our TikTok filters work like a funnel, starting with more global metrics such as:

  • The number of followers. 
  • The percentage of growth (how their follower base has grown over a certain amount of time).
  • The average number of video views. 
  • Engagement (the number of likes and comments divided by their number of followers). 
  • Total likes growth (how their average number of likes has grown over a certain amount of time).

Tip: The follower growth and total likes growth filters are a great way to find up-and-coming influencers. 

TikTok filters

The next section allows you to refine your search with filters for the influencers (pink icon) and filters for their followers (blue icon). 

Let’s look at this sample query below where we’re looking for TikTok influencers from the United States with followers in the United States. To help narrow down our search, we’ve selected a percentage, meaning that any profile in our results will have at least 25% of their followers from the US.

Gender is not important for this search, so we’ve selected Male or Female. This option is also good if you want to avoid brands appearing in your Discover searches.

Finally, as we're looking for Gen-z influencers, we’ve selected an influencer age range of 18-24. We've also specified a percentage to ensure that the influencers in our results have at least 20% of their followers in this age group. As our sponsored content will be in English, we’ve filtered for English-speaking followers. 

Tip: Fill in as many or as few filters as you need. If a filter doesn’t apply to your search, leave it blank.

TikTok filters_2

The last filters offer other ways to specify your search:

  • Audience lookalikes - use this filter to find TikTok influencers with similar audience demographics (age, gender, language), regardless of the content they post. For example, if you’ve identified that @kyliejenner’s followers are the perfect demographic for your brand, you can type her name in this field and influencers who attract similar followers will appear in your search. 
  • Bio - this is the short description in a TikToker’s profile. Influencers will often write their name or describe their content in this section. For example, as Kylie has included her name in her TikTok bio, searches with ‘Kylie Jenner’ in this field would bring you her profile. 
    TikTok filters_4
  • Last posts - this gives you an idea of how active an influencer is. Influencers who have been active within the last month are more likely to have fresh, dynamic content. 
  • More filters - this is where you can select to see only verified accounts (those with the blue tick), and only those with a public email address. 
    Tiktok filters_3

Once you’ve set all the relevant filters, click Show results. Learn more about the data displayed in your search results by clicking here