Change Your Influencity User Email Address

Update the email address you use to log into your account.

Users are currently unable to change the address associated with their login themselves. We’re working to add this feature soon. In the meantime, please follow the instructions below.

Change Your User Email Address

To change the email associated with your account, please contact us through the live chat feature or via email at

Note: If you have a Customer Success Manager you can contact them via email.

What do we need to change your email address?

  • Your current email address and full name (first and last names) as well as the new address you’d like to include. 

We’ll contact you once your account has been updated.

Warning: You can only have one email associated with your login at any time. 

Change Your Contact Email Address

This is the email that you connect to your account to contact influencers via the Influencity platform. It can be the same or distinct from the one you use to log in. See here for information on how to integrate your email service provider.