How Can I Search for Gamers in Canada?

Learn how to use the Discover product to conduct specific searches.

No matter what your industry is, Influencity’s powerful search engine gives you the tools to find the right influencers. Keep reading to learn about the filters that can be optimized for this particular search. 

Choose a Platform

Different platforms invite different types of content. Although they’ve now introduced YouTube Shorts, generally speaking, YouTube is best known for long-form videos. As these videos are longer, they allow influencers to describe the product better and some influencers even conduct full-on reviews and product demos.

Search on YouTube

If you’re interested in sponsoring an influencer for a game demo and review, YouTube is the perfect place to start your search. 

Nano-Influencers for a Niche Market

By definition, nano-influencers have a smaller following (generally less than 10k followers). However, while their reach may be more limited, an advantage is that their engagement is much higher and they are often regarded as more authentic than macro-influencers and celebrities. 

If you wish to promote your new product through an authentic review and demo, an influencer with niche expertise can be more credible. As such, try searching for YouTubers with less than 10k followers.


The Location Filter

If you’re looking for influencers based in Canada with a sizable local following, you can search by both influencer and audience location. Try selecting Canada for both and set a percentage of followers that should come from this country.


Tip: Interested in how Influencity determines influencer and audience locations? Read about our technology here

Filtering for Lookalikes

If there’s a YouTuber whose style you love, but you’re not able to work with for whatever reason, try typing their handle into the lookalike filter. For example, YouTuber @markiplier, has engaging content that covers a wide range of related topics. However, if your search is more niche and constricted by a smaller budget, you may want to search for an influencer with similar content using the Influencity lookalike filter.

By searching for a lookalike and restricting the number of followers, you can find someone who produces similar content, but with higher engagement and a more accessible price. 


Searching for Influencers with New, Relevant Content

To eliminate any inactive accounts from your search, filter for influencers who have been active within the last month. This ensures that their followers are used to and expecting new, unique content at least once a month.

Last posts

Expanding Searches to Instagram

Although YouTube is a very popular platform for gaming influencers, you might want to have all of your bases covered and run a few searches on a different platform to see what profiles are available. 

Filtering by Interests and Brand Affinity

An advantage of Instagram searches is that they allow you to refine your searches according to the interests and brand affinity of both influencers and their followers. 

For this search it’s important for both influencers and their followers to be interested in gaming, so try selecting both filters.

Gaming interests

To look for influencers who’ve shown interest in or have a professional relationship with certain brands, try adding some top video game companies to the Brand Affinity filter. This way, any influencer who appears will have interacted in some way (not necessarily as a sponsorship) with either Nintendo or Gameloft will appear in your results. 

Brand affinity_2

The Power of Regular Accounts

For companies looking for nano-influencers, the power of regular accounts should not be overlooked. Although the insights available for this type of account are more limited, a collaboration with this type of influencer is a good way to get authentic contact with a target audience.

Regular accounts

Working with Influencers Across Channels

Finally, to ensure that you impact your audience in unique ways across platforms, you could try working with several nano-influencers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This cross-channel collaboration is a popular way to drive brand awareness and encourage potential customers to convert to buyers. 

While cross-channel marketing is a great way to boost sales, it can often be hard to track. Fortunately, by associating multiple social media profiles to particular influencers in the Influencity IRM, you can keep track of which profile corresponds to which influencer, communicate with them directly from the platform, and leave personalized notes to make sure everyone on your team is on the same page. 

Get Inspired

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