Information We Manage on TikTok

These are the metrics Influencity provides for TikTok profiles.

Influencity offers 20+ metrics when you analyze a TikTok profile in your IRM. These metrics fall into 6 categories: 

  1. Main KPIs
  2. Profile Evolution
  3. Audience Demographics
  4. Audience Lookalikes
  5. Notable Followers 
  6. Top Posts

Tip: Head to the Influencity Glossary for more information on the terms we use in this article. 

Main KPIs

View this profile's main KPIs at the top of the page. These are the metrics that indicate how this account is currently performing: 

  • Number of followers 
  • Number of accounts followed
  • Engagement - interactions divided by the total number of followers x 100.
  • Earned Media Rate - the advertising value you get from working with this profile (learn more about this metric here). 
  • Average interactions - the average number of likes and comments on recent videos. 
  • Follower quality - the ratio of real followers vs. bots or inactive accounts.
  • Average activity split - how many interactions can be attributed to likes, video views, and comments.
  • Engagement rate scale - a visual display of the engagement rate in comparison to the average influencer. This particular profile has a high engagement rate. 

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Tip: Unfortunately, bots and fake accounts are not closely monitored on TikTok and it’s unlikely for an influencer to have 100% quality followers. Anything over 80% is considered to be a healthy number. Read all about this metric here

Profile Evolution

See how a profile has performed over time. This account shows steady growth in both followers and accounts followed. The average views and likes, however, follow a more uneven pattern. This could be due to TikTok trends that go in and out of popularity.

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Tip: Monitor profile evolution to help detect accounts with low-quality followers


Audience Demographics

Here you can see the demographics of the audience this profile is currently reaching:

  • Their age range and how many men and women fall into each.  
  • The gender split.
  • The top countries.
  • Their top languages.

This profile is particularly popular among Gen-Z women from Spanish-speaking countries. If this is your target audience, this account could be a good place to start.

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Tip: Learn how the Audience Top Countries metric can help you detect fake followers

Scroll down further to view:

  • Audience language.
  • Audience reachability - the percentage followers who follow less than 500 TikTok accounts, between 500-1,000 accounts, and so on. 

The majority of this profile's audience follows 500 accounts or less. This is great as it means there’s a higher chance your sponsored content will reach them. Audiences following 1,500+ accounts, for example, might be distracted by so much content that they cannot be properly impacted by yours. 

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Tip: Aim to have at least 50% of an influencer’s followers fall into the first two columns (1,000 accounts followed or less). 

Audience Lookalikes

These profiles have been identified as having the same audience demographics. This includes age, gender, language, and country. As our profile’s followers are identified as being mostly Gen-Zers from Spanish-speaking countries, the profiles included in its Audience Lookalikes would reach the same demographics. 

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Notable Followers

Think of these profiles as your account's VIP followers. If your content were to receive a like or share by one of these people, say, for example, @jessicaalba, this could provide a huge boost for your campaign.

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Top Posts

Take a look at an account's top-performing posts.

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What’s Next?

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