What are and how to create influencer invoices?

Discover how influencer invoices streamline your financial transactions with influencers, ensuring professionalism and clarity. Learn to create detailed invoices, integrate them into payment pools, and efficiently pay your influencers

What are Influencer Invoices?

Influencer invoices are formal billing documents to pay for the services influencers provide. These services typically include promoting products, creating content, and engaging with their audience on behalf of the brand.

Influencer invoices detail the work performed, the agreed-upon fees, and payment terms, ensuring transparency and accountability in the financial transactions between influencers and the companies they work with.

Key Components of an Influencer Invoice

  • Contact Information: Includes the influencer's and the client's names, addresses, and contact details.

  • Invoice Number: A unique identifier for each invoice, which helps in tracking and record-keeping.

  • Invoice Date: The date when the invoice is issued.
  • Description of Services: A detailed list of the services provided, such as sponsored posts, product reviews, social media mentions, or video content creation.

  • Service Dates: The dates when the services were performed.

  • Fee Breakdown: The cost associated with each service provided, including any applicable taxes or additional expenses.

  • Total Amount Due: The total payment the influencer is requesting from the client.

  • Payment Terms: Specifies the payment deadline and accepted payment methods (e.g., bank transfer, PayPal, etc.).

  • Notes and Terms: Any additional information or specific terms agreed upon between the influencer and the client, such as late payment penalties or discounts for early payment.

How to Create an Invoice

Go to the Payments tab to get started. Click Create invoice


Name your invoice and select a currency. Be sure to select the same currency in which you will pay your influencers. For example, if you are paying your influencers in Euros, your payment to Influencity will also have to be in euros. 

Add an optional description and purchase order number and click Create invoice.

Caution: The currency can only be changed when the invoice is in draft. 




Your completed invoices will appear on the Invoices page. Invoices have 3 different statuses:

  1. In draft - the invoice has been created, but no payment pools have been made. At this point, you can still delete your invoice, change the currency of payment, and add influencers.
  2. In process - the invoice has been created and influencers have been added to the payment pools, but no invoice has been generated. At this point, you can still add influencers to the invoice and payment pools.
  3. Generated - this invoice is now generated and closed, you can no longer add influencers or payments. It is in this stage that Influencity receives the payment and transfers it to your influencers. Your generated invoice will be sent to the email associated with your Influencity account. 

View all your invoices together or select a tab to see only drafts, invoices that are processing, etc.

Tip: Set filters and create shortcuts to different groups of invoices. For example, if you want a quick way to see all the invoices made in USD, set a filter for “is known = USD”.


There are several different columns in the invoices table:

  • Amount - total amount to be paid. For example, an invoice with a total amount of 1,200 Euros could be made up of two 500 Euro payments and one 100 Euro payment. 
  • Currency - the currency in which you will make the payment and in which your influencers will be paid.
  • Nº of payments - the total number of payments included in your invoice.
  • Created by - the member of your team who created the invoice. 
  • Date created and last update - helpful for knowing when the payment was made and the last time it was edited by a member of your team. 



You can edit or delete invoices in draft status by hovering your cursor over the respective row.



To start paying your influencers, click on your newly created invoice!

Once you've created your invoice, find out how to add it to payment pools and efficiently pay your influencers.

Benefits of Influencer Invoices

  • Professionalism: Helps maintain a professional relationship between influencers and clients.
  • Clarity: Provides a clear record of the services rendered and the associated costs.
  • Financial Management: Assists both parties in tracking expenses and managing their budgets.
  • Legal Protection: Serves as a formal document in case of any payment disputes.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines the payment process, ensuring that influencers get paid promptly for their work.