Add an Influencer to Your IRM

If there’s a specific influencer you’d like to collaborate with, learn how to analyze their profile and add it to your IRM.

This feature is great if you already know of a content creator and want to see how they compare to your other saved influencers. In a few steps, you can create a profile for them within the Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) tool and from there add them to your various lists and campaigns. 

What Do I Need to Create an Influencer?

The account must meet the following criteria:

  • Be public (meaning that anyone on that social network can see it).
  • Have at least 1,000 followers.
  • Not have content that's inappropriate for minors.

Note: 1,000 followers is generally the minimum to be considered an influencer.

How Do I Create an Influencer?

If your influencer meets the three criteria above, you’re ready to begin:

  1. Go to the Influencers tab and click Add Influencer on the upper right-hand side.
    Add influencer NEW
  2. A section will then open on the side. Click Add social network.
  3. A window will open and ask you to choose your social network. Next, paste your influencer’s URL or write their @handle.

    Create Influencer_Add Social Network

  4. If you want to analyze your influencer’s profile now, leave the box at the bottom of the window ticked. This will cost you 1 monthly analysis. If you're not ready to analyze this profile and just want to save it to your IRM, untick it. 
  5. Add the influencer’s name and contact details, if you have them. This page also lets you add multiple social media profiles to an influencer. As you can see below, we’ve already added an Instagram URL. If you want to add another link for their TikTok profile, just click Add social network again. You'll now have an influencer with multiple social media profiles saved to your IRM.

  6. Click Create Influencer.
  7. In less than 30 seconds, this profile will be analyzed. Find it in the Last Influencers Added section. 
  8. You’re good to go! From here you can view your influencer's metrics and add them to your lists and campaigns.

For more details on what you can do in the Influencity IRM product, please see our guide to your IRM home

Warning: When copying an influencer’s URL, make sure you use the link from their profile, not from a post or video.  


Check out our answers to your most common questions below. 

The Influencer Metrics Don’t Appear Right Away

Our database is updated every month and a half. If this is a very new profile, it’s possible that their data isn’t available yet. Try again some time later to see if your information appears. If we’re not able to provide you with metrics, don’t worry, you’re only charged for an analysis when we display data.

I Can’t Add a YouTube Profile

Add a YouTube influencer using the platform’s new handle feature. You can find this on an influencer’s home page, under their username. For more troubleshooting, please see our article I Can’t Add a YouTube Profile.