What Are Monthly Analyses and What Are They For?

Learn all about Monthly Analyses and how they are deducted.

This article covers the following:

What is a Monthly Analysis?

What Data Can I See When I Use a Monthly Analysis?

When Am I Charged for a Monthly Analysis?

Can I Add More Monthly Analyses?



What Is a Monthly Analysis?

An analysis is what is "charged" when Influencity extracts or updates public metrics from an influencer profile or profiles. An analysis is deducted when you:

  1. Analyze a new profile.
  2. Update the metrics on an existing profile.
  3. Analyze the follower overlap in a list of influencers.

The term monthly analyses refers to the number of profiles or lists you can analyze per month according to your subscription plan. 

To give an example, if you have purchased our Professional subscription, you have the right to 150 analyses per month. Each time you analyze a new profile, update existing profile metrics or view the audience overlap of a list, one of your 150 monthly analyses will be deducted from your balance. 

Tip: Curious about how often you should update your influencer profile metrics? You can read more about this in our IRM FAQs

What Data Can I See When I Use a Monthly Analysis?

When you analyze a new profile or update the metrics of an old one, you’ll be able to see an influencer’s complete profile metrics in your IRM. Click on their profile thumbnail in your IRM overview to open this dashboard: 

Profile analysis

On the left-hand side, you’ll see the influencer’s email, if they’ve included one in their social media profile. 

In the center, you can see their statistics, such as their engagement rate, the quality of their followers, and the evolution of their profile over time. This page also shows the metrics of a profile’s followers; the audience you will be reaching with your campaign.

For a detailed description of all the metrics you’ll see in this section, check out these links:

Tip: Want to know how we determine these metrics? Read this article to understand how Influencity technology works.

When you analyze the follower overlap in a list of influencers, you can see the percentage of unique followers each profile brings to a list and the percentage of their audience that overlaps – that is, the followers these profiles have in common. 

In the example list below, @andrijajo is bringing 99.97% unique followers – these are the users in the list who only follow his profile. Learn how to make the most of this metric in our article, What Is Follower Overlapping and How to Use It

Follower overlapping

When Am I Charged for a Monthly Analysis?

There are 5 situations when you will be charged:

  1. In Discover, when you click Add to My influencers
  2. In your IRM, when you create an influencer and analyze their metrics. 
  3. In your IRM, when you add a new social media profile to an existing influencer and analyze it. 
  4. In your IRM, when you analyze the follower overlap of a list of influencers. 
  5. In your IRM, when you refresh an influencer’s metrics.

In cases 2 and 3, when you create an influencer or add a profile to an influencer in your IRM, you will only be charged an analysis if you leave the box below ticked

Add Profile Without Analysis

In cases 1, 4, and 5, you will receive a confirmation pop-up stating the service cost and your remaining balance. To continue, click Proceed


Note: You are only charged when Influencity displays data. If we are not able to display a profile’s metrics because it does not meet our criteria or because of a server error, you will not be charged a monthly analysis

Can I Add More Monthly Analyses?

Yes, there are 3 ways to increase your number of monthly analyses:

  1. Add analyses on a one-off basis by going to Products & Billing, clicking on the Subscriptions tab, and scrolling down to Add monthly analyses.
    Add monthy analyses
  2. Upgrade your paid subscription.  
  3. Create a custom bundle with additional analyses


How Do I Know My Remaining Monthly Analyses?

Your balance will be displayed in a pop-up window whenever you are charged for an analysis.

You can also see your balance in the top-right-hand corner of your IRM.

Remaining analyses

I Was Charged an Analysis, but no Data Was Shown

You will only be charged when Influencity displays data. For example, if the Service cost pop-up window opens and you click Proceed, but then can’t move past the Collecting data screen, no analyses will be deducted. This is the case even if you previously accepted the charge in the service cost pop-up. 

Please try again sometime later, and if the problem persists contact support@influencity.com.

Uploading metrics 2

When Should I Update the Metrics on an Existing Profile?

If want to view an update of their full metrics – that is, the KPIs like number of followers, engagement, and top posts, you should update a profile every time you open it. If you’re more interested in their audience metrics and demographics, you can update once a month, as this data doesn’t change too much from one day to the next. Read more about this in our IRM FAQs

Will My Unused Monthly Analyses Roll Over to the Next Month?

No, unfortunately, you cannot accumulate monthly analyses by having them roll over from one month to another. At the start of each billing cycle, any unused analyses will be erased and your monthly total will be renewed.