What Are Influencer Prices/Rates For?

Learn how to add prices to influencers in your IRM.

An advantage of the Influencity IRM is that it allows you to save all of an influencer’s data in one place – this includes email exchanges, contact information, customized notes, and price history. 

How Do I Add a Price?

Open an influencer’s profile in your IRM and scroll down to Prices, on the left. Here, you can add prices according to the social media profiles associated with this influencer.

Once saved, access your pricing history at the top of their profile. This tool shows the evolution of prices over time, so each time you save a new price, it will be added as a new entry. For example, we just updated this influencer’s price per photo. As such, a new line was created at the top to reflect this new price. 


What Is Pricing History For?

Pricing history lets you keep track of what each influencer is paid for each collaboration. By saving old entries, you and your team can see how the price of certain interactions has changed over time. This way, when you need to make new decisions regarding pricing, you have all the information at hand.

Does Influencity Set Standard Prices?

No, Influencity is not a marketplace or an agency, our role is to provide the latest, most accurate data and a platform to manage your relationship with your influencers. 

If you wish to contact an influencer and start negotiating the price of collaboration, check out our articles on how to integrate your email and contact influencers through the IRM. 

Can Influencers See Pricing Information?

No, the information in your IRM is only visible to authorized brand users. Influencers will not be informed of any of the notes or prices that are added to their profile in your IRM

The only contact between you and the influencer will take place when you integrate your email and contact them through the IRM email feature. 

Should Pricing Be Based on the Earned Value Metric (EMV)?

No, EMV is a value given to influencers’ interactions, it is not a suggestion for how much you should pay them for a collaboration. Learn how the EMV can help you make data-driven decisions here