How to Send Bulk Emails with Personalization Tokens

Send bulk emails from the IRM and Campaigns products

Note: This article describes how to send bulk emails within Influencity. To learn how to integrate your personal email for 1-1 communication with influencers, please see this article

What Are Bulk Emails?

Bulk emails allow you to communicate with a large group of influencers at once. You can use this feature within the IRM, to send a message to a select group of influencers, or within Campaigns, to contact the influencers included in your Influencer seeding program

What Are Personalization Tokens?

Personalization tokens let you show personalized information based on data saved in the Influencity IRM. For example, if your influencer is named Kayla, when you select the personalization token {influencers.alias}, the name Kayla will automatically be plugged in and will appear when she opens your message in her inbox. 


Sending Bulk Emails in the IRM

Go to the Influencers tab and select the option Influencers. Tick the box next to the influencers you want to contact and click Send email.  

Tip: To contact all the influencers in your database, tick the box on the very top left and click Select current page. 


You’ll be asked to select the type of email you wish to send. Select Bulk email. Next, you'll need to choose how to start: from scratch, or from a template. Click from scratch


A pop-up window will appear where you can draft your message. Our bulk message feature offers several personalization tokens to optimize your messaging:

  1. Click the lighting icon, on the top right, to personalize your subject line. You can add the influencer’s name, their alias, your account name (e.g. the name of your company) or your e-commerce URL). 
  2. In the body of your email, select Personalize to add these tokens to your text. 

Here’s an example of a bulk email created using these personalization tokens.

Warning: If your influencer doesn't have a first name, last name or alias saved on their page, this token will appear blank in the email. 


Before you send your email, you will be asked to review it.

Caution: Influencers who do not have an email address will not be included as recipients. 


If an influencer doesn’t have an email address, you have 2 options:

  1. Associate their social media profiles. By doing this, any public email address that’s included in these profiles will be saved to their page in your IRM
  2. If you’ve associated their profiles but they do not have public email addresses, you can reach out to them by direct message on social media and indicate your interest in collaborating with them. You can then ask them to share their email address and other contact information and save it to their page in the IRM. 

Sending Bulk Emails in Campaigns

Navigate to the Campaigns tab and select Programs. Tick the box next to the influencers you wish to include and click Send email

Tip: Click the mail icon, on the left, to select all the influencers in your seeding program at once. 


In the pop-up window, select Bulk email.

In this email, you’ll have different personalization tokens to choose from. This is meant to facilitate the influencer seeding process. 


Here’s a brief overview of some of the tokens and what they’re for.

  • Program name - the name of your seeding campaign (e.g. Winter Waves Campaign).
  • Program description - a bit of info about this campaign.
  • Product name - (e.g. “The Minimal Snowboard”).
  • Free shipping URL - this is where the influencer would go to arrange free shipping and enter the code below.
  • Free shipping code - send this to your influencers so they can receive their gift with free shipping.
  • Seeding code - the code they’d use to redeem their gift (e.g. SNOWBOARD23).
  • Seeding first active date - the first day the gift can be redeemed.
  • Seeding last active date - the last day the gift can be redeemed.