What Are Email Templates?

Streamline the process of contacting influencers

Templates are a way to save repetitive messages and reuse them on future occasions. 

Save birthday greetings, seeding workflows, and brand introductions as email templates and personalize the content to each one of your recipients. Access the templates from the Communications tab. 


Warning: As of February 2024, bulk email senders who send 5,000+ emails per day to Gmail, Yahoo, or Google Workspace recipients will have to complete extra requirements in order to ensure the delivery of their campaigns. Read about the new requirements for bulk senders here

How Do I Create an Email Template?

Get started by clicking on Communication and Templates

This is where all your created templates will be stored. Once you have some created, you will also have the option to filter for different templates, edit them, and delete them. Influencity users can create up to 1,000 templates. 

Click Create Template


In the pop-up window, give your template an easy-to-identify name. Next, write your template message. Click on the lightning icon, on the right, to plug personalization tokens into your subject line. In our sample message, we've included the influencer alias token, so the final message would look like "Happy birthday, Jane! 🎉🎂!

Click Personalize to add tokens to the body of your message. Here we've added tokens for Influencer Alias, Account Name (your company's name), and Your Name. 

Click Save template


Using Email Templates

Now let's look at an example of how you might use a template to streamline your influencer relationship management strategy. Say you want to reach out and send a special message to all the influencers who have a birthday in October. To do this, you'd first create a list of influencers called "October birthdays". Next, click on the mail icon and select bulk emails

You'll be given 2 options: From scratch and From template. To use the Birthday greetings template we just created, click From template. 


Select "Birthday greeting"

Template 4

Your birthday message will now appear for you to review and send. As the personalization tokens plug in the individual data points from each influencer page, each influencer will get the same message addressed to them by name, for example "Happy birthday, Zhanna", "Happy birthday Lily", and so on. 


Filtering, Editing, and Deleting Email Templates

Like other Influencity data points, templates can easily be filtered, edited, and deleted from the main templates page. 

Filtering Templates

You can create up to 1,000 customized templates. Fortunately, Influencity offers filters to easily find just what you need. Say, for example, you created 3 templates as part of a workflow and they are labeled "Seeding 1st Contact", "Seeding 2nd Contact", and "Seeding Farewell Message". Let's look at how we could filter for these.

Click on All filters - Name - Contains exactly = Seeding. 

In cases where your labelling convention is clear, you can easily search for templates by name and then save this search as a view


In situations where multiple brand users are creating their own templates, another option would be to use the filter "Created by", for example:

All filters - Created by - Contains exactly = Content (the content creators team). 

In our results, all the templates made by the content creator's team are now visible. 


Editing, Duplicating, and Deleting Templates

Simply hover over the selected template and pick one of the options that appears. 


My Message Won't Send

Please keep in mind that certain tokens can only be used in certain situations. For example, if you create a message to send to a list, your seeding tokens such as "free shipping code" and "free shipping URL" will appear as blank and you will get an error message like the one below. For this reason, it's important to keep in mind what templates will be used for seeding and what templates will be used for general communication.