Understand Your Estimated Results

Use this feature to forecast the reach of your campaigns and keep track of your budget.

Once you’ve added tasks to an influencer, the next step is to add them to an estimation

How Are Estimations Calculated?

Estimations are based on an influencer’s current performance metrics and the tasks they are assigned. For example, if you have an influencer from the United States with 2 million followers and you assign them the task of creating 2 posts and a video, the platform will forecast the reach of your campaign based on their current followers and engagement rate. Similarly, it will calculate your expenditure based on how much you pay for each task in comparison to your overall budget.

If you then estimate an influencer from Mexico who has 300,000 followers and is assigned 10 posts, their reach and the cost of each task will be included in your estimate as well. In short, your estimate is the aggregate of the performance metrics of each influencer and the price of each of their tasks.

What Does the Estimate Feature Do?

This feature gives you an idea of your approximate reach and segments your expenditure according to social network and type of activity (posts, videos, stories, etc). By knowing where your money is going, you are better able to control your budget and increase your Return on Investment (ROI).  

An Estimation takes into account the following data and combines it into an easy-to-use overview:

  • Your influencers’ main KPIs such as number of followers, average number of interactions, engagement rate, and Earned Media Value (EMV).
  • The total number of tasks assigned and the number of tasks per social network. 
  • The price assigned to each task (ex: If you’ve assigned an influencer the task of uploading a story for the price of 500 USD, this amount would be included here).
  • The total budget you included in your Campaign Briefing.

All of this data is gathered and displayed as below:

Forecast by social network tells you how much you are spending on tasks on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. In this particular campaign, the majority of our budget is going to publications on Instagram.

Budget tells you how much money you have allotted to your tasks in comparison to the budget set in your Campaign Briefing. This budget can be easily adjusted to meet your campaign needs.

How the estimate feature works  

As you scroll down, you’ll see data for the specific social networks used in your campaign. 

On Instagram, for example, our influencers have a combined following of 15.11M and an average engagement rate of 1.72%. Instagram photo publications make up the greatest part of our expenditure, followed by stories. 

As far as activity, these influencers achieve roughly the same amount of likes and video views. A campaign with these influencers could expect to achieve similar results. With regard to followers, a large part of our campaign audience would be women between 25-34 from the United States.

How the estimation feature works_2