Add and Eliminate Influencers from a Campaign

Include and delete influencers from a campaign.

Once you’ve created a campaign and set your goals in your campaign briefing, the next step is to add influencers. 

How Do I Add Influencers to a Campaign?

Open a new campaign and click Add influencer.

Create a campaign_2

You’ll then be given 3 options to add influencers:

  1. One by one from the Influencers product.
  2. By selecting an entire list from the Influencers product.
  3. By creating an influencer.

New_add influencers to a campaign

From Influencers

Search for specific influencers and add them one by one.

Add from my influencers

From a List 

Search and select an entire list or lists.

Add from a list

Create an Influencer 

Just like when you create an influencer in your IRM, you’ll need to select a social network and either type their handle or copy and paste their profile URL. If you create an influencer in the Campaign product, this profile will automatically be added to your IRM as well.

Create Influencer_Add Social Network

How Do I Delete Influencers from a Campaign?

This can be done as a mass action by ticking profiles and clicking Remove.

Eliminate influencers mass action 

Or by selecting influencers one by one and clicking Actions and Remove

Eliminate influencer one by one

What’s Next?

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