Information We Manage on Twitch

Learn about the metrics Influencity provides for Twitch profiles.

Find out how to interpret and use the 20+ metrics that appear when you analyze a Twitch profile in your IRM. These metrics fall into 6 categories: 

  1. Contact Information 
  2. Main KPIs
  3. Active Subscriptions by Tier
  4. Top Games per Hour Watched
  5. Engagement Metrics
  6. Additional Stats for Chat

Tip: If you’re new to influencer marketing, check out the Influencity Glossary for more information on the terms we use in this article. 

Contact Information

If a profile has a public email address associated with it, Influencity will be able to extract this information and add it to your IRM. However, in order to see this information, it's important to first associate this profile to an influencer in your IRM. 

Main KPIs

At the top of the page, you’ll see this profile’s main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – metrics that indicate the reach and popularity of this profile:

  • Number of Followers - these are followers on Twitch only; if your influencer also has an Instagram, TikTok or YouTube profile, these followers would not be included in this total.
  • Total Subscribers: The number of users who have subscribed to a channel, providing recurring financial support.
  • Hours Watched: The number of hours viewers spend watching a content unit, game, channel, etc. HW is calculated as the average number of viewers multiplied by the airtime in hours.
  • Peak Viewers: The highest number of concurrent viewers during a stream.
  • Average Viewers: The average number of viewers over a given period.
  • Airtime: The total amount of time a channel has been live, often measured over a specific period and with no repeats.
  • Streams: The number of individual streams a channel has broadcasted within a given period. The analysis shows the streams count of the last 30 days.
  • Live Views: The number of views a stream receives while it is live.
  • Daily Estimated Audience: An estimate of the average number of unique viewers a channel or content unit attracts within a time period, based on the assessment of our platform.
  • Followers Gain: The number of new followers a channel or content unit gained within a time period.
  • Average View Duration: Average length of time that unique viewers spend watching a stream. This metric provides insight into viewer engagement and retention. High average time duration indicates that viewers find the content engaging enough to watch for extended periods.
  • Estimate Income from Subscription: Approximate earning of a streamer from current active paid subscriptions. Calculated for several possible scenarios, since Twitch included local subscriptions pricing.
  • Subscription Type: The categories of subscriptions that viewers can choose from to support a channel. Each type of subscriptions offers different levels of benefits and support to the streamer.
  • Content Authorized to All Viewers Ratio: The proportion of all viewers who are authorized/logged in on the platform during the stream. A higher ratio represent a higher approximation to the number of unique viewers.

    Note: Authorized Followers (indicate a higher level of commitment as viewers have chosen to follow the channel) and Unique Viewers (include all individuals who have watched the stream, regardless of their commitment to the channel) are two distinct metrics that provide different insights into a streamer's audience.

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It’s unlikely for any profile to have 100% authorized followers – generally anything over 80% is considered to be a healthy number. Learn more here

Active Subscriptions by Tier

This chart shows active subscription types to visually represent the distribution and trends among different subscription tiers within a specific time frame. 

Information We Manage on Twitch_2_EN

Here's what it typically indicates:

  1. Distribution of Subscribers:

    • Breakdown of Subscription Types: It shows the proportion of Prime, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 subscribers.
    • Percentage or Number: The chart may display either the percentage or the number of subscribers in each category.
  2. Trends Over Time:

    • Growth or Decline: It indicates whether the number of subscribers in each tier is increasing or decreasing over time.
    • Seasonal Trends: It may reveal any seasonal patterns, such as spikes in subscriptions during specific events or promotions.
  3. Engagement Levels:

    • Viewer Engagement: Higher-tier subscriptions (Tier 2 and Tier 3) often indicate more engaged and supportive viewers.
    • Prime Usage: A significant number of Prime subscriptions can indicate strong cross-platform engagement with Amazon Prime services

    Information We Manage on Twitch_3_EN

Note: A Twitch Prime Subscription comes for free with Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership. It provides one free subscription per month to any channel of choice.

Top Games by Hours Watched

This metric measures the total amount of time viewers have spent watching streams of specific games. It provides insights into the popularity and viewer engagement of different games on a streaming platform like Twitch.

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Here’s what it indicates:

  1. Viewer Interest: Games with higher hours watched are more popular among viewers. This shows which games are currently trending and attracting the most attention.

  2. Engagement Levels and Active Viewership: High hours watched indicate strong viewer engagement. It reflects that viewers are not only tuning in but also staying for longer periods.

  3. Content Demand and Streamer Focus: You can use this metric to identify which games are in high demand. 

Overall, it is a metric for understanding viewer preferences, guiding content strategies, and optimizing engagement and monetization efforts on streaming platforms.

Engagement Metrics

These metrics provide insights into how actively viewers interact with a streamer's content and how financially supportive the audience is.

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  • Total Messages: Refers to the total number of chat messages sent during a stream It indicates how active and engaged the chat is. A high total messages often reflect high viewer interaction and interest in the content.
  • Active Chatters: The number of unique users who participate in the chat during a stream. Represents the breadth of engagement across the audience. Reflects how relevant and engaging the content is to the audience. High engagement indicates loyal viewers who are more likely to return and support the streamer.
  • Engagement: Metric based on the activity of estimated authorized viewers in chats during streaming.
  • Total Bits: Represents the total number of Bits that a streamer has received over a specified period. This metric provides an indication of the monetary support and engagement that viewers are giving to the streamer through Cheers (animated chat messages highlighted with Bits).
  • Income from Bits: Refers to the revenue a streamer earns from bits (a virtual good viewers can purchase to support streamers). It indicates the level of financial support from viewers.

Additional Stats for Chat

Detailed chat statistics that provide deeper insights into viewer engagement and activity levels during streams. 

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Additional Stats

  • Total Word Count: The total number of words sent in the chat during a stream or series of streams. Reflects the overall activity and depth of conversations in the chat. Higher word counts can indicate more substantial and engaging conversations.
  • Average Daily Passive Chatters:  Estimated number of authorized viewers who watch stream(s) but haven’t sent any messages in the chat. Measures the average activity level of chatters. Higher averages suggest more engaged viewers who contribute regularly.
  • Messages per chatter: The average number of messages each active chatter sends during the stream(s). Indicates how frequently viewers are engaging in the chat.  Higher messages per chatter reflect a more involved community.

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Chatters with Different Message Counts

  • Chatters with 1 Message: The number of active chatters who have sent only one message during the stream(s).Shows the extent of minimal engagement and potential areas for increasing interaction.
  • Chatters with 2+ Messages: The number of active chatters who have sent two or more messages during the stream(s). Reflects more engaged viewers who are contributing to ongoing conversations.

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Tip: Keep in mind that this metric reflects the number of chat messages sent during a stream.

Cheers and Bits

  • Cheers and Bits: The total number of messages that include bits. Indicates the volume of monetary support through bits in the chat.
  • Cheer Chatters: The number of unique users who have sent cheer messages. Reflects the number of viewers financially supporting the streamer through cheers.
  • Bits per Cheered Message: The average number of bits spent per cheer message. Shows the average monetary value of each cheer message, indicating the level of financial support.
  • Bits per Cheered Chatter: The average number of bits spent by each cheering chatter. Reflects the generosity of cheering chatters and their overall contribution to the streamer's income.

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Note: A cheering chatter is a viewer who uses bits to support a streamer during their broadcast. Cheering chatters contribute to the streamer's income, as streamers receive a portion of the revenue generated from the bits used in their chat

What’s Next?

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