Information We Manage on Instagram

Learn about the metrics Influencity provides for Instagram profiles.

Find out how to interpret and use the 20+ metrics that appear when you analyze an Instagram profile in your IRM. These metrics fall into 10 categories: 

  1. Contact Information 
  2. Main KPIs
  3. Profile Evolution
  4. Profile Interests & Interactions
  5. Audience Demographics
  6. Audience Interests & Interactions
  7. Audience Lookalikes
  8. Notable Followers 
  9. Top Organic and Sponsored Posts

Tip: If you’re new to influencer marketing, check out the Influencity Glossary for more information on the terms we use in this article. 

Contact Information

If a profile has a public email address associated with it, Influencity will be able to extract this information and add it to your IRM. However, in order to see this information, it's important to first associate this profile to an influencer in your IRM. 

Main KPIs

At the top of the page, you’ll see this profile’s main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – metrics that indicate the reach and popularity of this profile:

  • Number of followers - these are followers on Instagram only; if your influencer also has a TikTok or YouTube profile, these followers would not be included in this total.
  • Accounts followed - does this influencer follow tons of accounts or hardly any at all? Learn how this metric can be used to detect follower quality
  • Engagement - interactions divided by followers x 100.
  • Earned Media Rate - the equivalent advertising value of a post (learn more about this metric here). 
  • Average interactions - the average number of likes, comments, etc. on recent posts. 
  • Follower quality - how many followers are real people vs. bots or fake accounts.
  • Average activity split - the interactions that can be attributed to likes, video views, and comments.
  • Engagement rate scale - compare this profile's rate to that of the average profile with this community size. This particular influencer has higher than average engagement. 

Info we manage on insta_1

Note: It’s unlikely for any profile to have 100% quality followers – generally anything over 80% is considered to be a healthy number. Learn more here

Profile Evolution

Get a glimpse at how this profile has changed over time. This account shows a gradual increase in both followers and accounts followed. As for likes, it reached a peak in January and has since leveled out. This is quite common, as influencer trends tend to come and go. A sharp decrease in likes, however, may indicate that a content creator has done something unpopular that resulted in backlash.

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Tip: A sharp increase in followers could indicate that a content creator has started a trend. Usually, an increase in followers is accompanied by an increase in likes. An increase in followers on its own, however, could be more suspicious. Luckily, Influencity has several tools to help detect accounts with low-quality followers

Profile Interests & Interactions

This section is all about the interests and brands reflected in a profile. 

  • Interests – we use AI to scan profiles and identify the interests reflected in their content. This could be anything from clothing, to fitness, to food & restaurants.
  • Mentions – the profiles that this user has interacted with. This includes brands, famous places, and other influencers. 
  • Hashtags – see what #hashtag trends this profile is using. If #ad is at the top, this indicates that it features a lot of sponsored content. 
  • Profile Brand Affinity – the top brands appearing on this profile. This could indicate a professional relationship, or simply that the influencer running the account ‘likes’ this brand and its logos appear in their content (ex: a photo with a visible Abercrombie logo). 

Info we manage on insta_3


Audience Demographics

Gain valuable insight into the followers you would reach working with this influencer:

  • Audience age ranges and how many men and women fall into each.  
  • The gender split.
  • The top countries.

Tip: Did you know that it’s possible to ‘buy’ followers? These fictitious accounts often come from specific countries. Find out more in our article on how to detect fake followers

info we manage on insta_5

Scroll down for even more audience data:

  • Top cities.
  • Top languages. 
  • Audience ethnicity.

infor we manage on insta_6

Audience Interests & Interactions

This information is based on the content in followers’ profiles. In this case, over 50% of this influencer’s audience is interested in Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories. If your sponsored content is related to this interest, it’s likely to be well received by this influencer’s followers. 

You can also see the top brands or companies that an audience likes, follows, or interacts with in their posts. To see their top Beauty & Cosmetics brands, for example, click on this section.

info we manage on insta_7

Audience Reachability 

This graphic shows how many of these followers follow less than 500 accounts, between 500-1,000 accounts, and so on. For example, if a follower follows 345 accounts, they would fall into the first bar on the left. 

If a large percentage of an influencer’s audience is following 1,500+ accounts, it’s likely that your sponsored posts will get lost among all the other content they consume.

info we manage on insta_11

Tip: Ideally, at least 50% of an influencer’s followers would fall into the 2 columns on the left. This helps ensure that your sponsored content is seen, and not lost amongst thousands of other posts. 


Audience Lookalikes

These 30 profiles may feature different content, however, they all attract followers with similar demographics. Audience lookalikes are a good option if you’re curious about working with content creators from different sectors, but want to make sure you’re still targeting your key demographic. 

info we manage on insta_10


Notable Followers

These are the influencers that follow your influencer. A sponsored post with @cristiano may be out of reach for most companies. However, if your content is liked or shared by Instagram’s most-followed person, your brand visibility could grow exponentially. 

Info we manage on insta_8


Top Organic and Sponsored Posts

An influencer’s top-performing posts – both organic and sponsored – appear here. This gives you an idea of their personal content and allows you to compare it to what they create for collaborations.

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What’s Next?

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