Information We Manage on YouTube

See the metrics Influencity provides for YouTube influencers.

Learn about the 20+ metrics we offer for YouTubers and how they can be used to measure a YouTube channel’s performance. These metrics fall into 7 categories: 

  1. Main KPIs
  2. Profile Evolution
  3. Influencer Lookalikes
  4. Audience Demographics
  5. Audience Lookalikes
  6. Notable Followers 
  7. Top Posts

Tip: If you’re new to influencer marketing, check out the Influencity Glossary for more information on the terms we use in this article. 

Main KPIs

View this profile’s main KPIs at the top of their page. These are the metrics that indicate the reach and popularity of their channel: 

  • Number of subscribers 
  • Engagement - interactions divided by followers x 100.
  • Earned Media Rate - the equivalent advertising value of a post (learn more about this metric here). 
  • Average interactions - the average number of likes and comments on recent videos. 
  • Follower quality - see how many followers are real people and how many are bots or inactive accounts.
  • Average activity split - how many interactions can be attributed to likes, video views, and comments.
  • Engagement rate scale - this is the engagement rate displayed visually in comparison to the average influencer. In the example below, we can see that this influencer has a higher than average rate. 

info we manage on yt_1-1

Tip: It’s unlikely for any profile to have 100% quality followers – generally anything over 80% is considered to be a healthy number. Read all about this metric here

Profile Evolution

See how this profile has changed over time to get an idea of if an influencer is up and coming or losing steam. This influencer shows a gradual increase in followers and has received more views in the past 3 months.

Sharp decreases in likes or followers could indicate that an influencer has done something unpopular and is suffering from backlash.

info we manage on yt_2

Influencer Lookalikes

If you love an influencer’s content and want to find similar profiles, Influencer Lookalikes can help. Here you can see 30 influencers that have described themselves with similar keywords in their About sections. For example, if your influencer is a beauty blogger, her lookalikes might also use keywords like ‘makeup,’ ‘beauty tutorial,’ etc., in their profile.  

Click on a YouTuber’s name to open their page in a new window. To see their full stats, add them to your IRM

info we manage on yt_3-1

Audience Demographics

Here, gain these insights into the audience your influencer is currently reaching:

  • Their age range and how many men and women fall into each.  
  • The gender split.
  • The top countries.
  • The top languages.

info we manage on yt_4-1

Tip: Did you know that it’s possible to ‘buy’ followers? These fictitious accounts often come from specific countries. Find out more in our article on how to detect fake followers

Audience Lookalikes

These 30 influencers have been identified as having the same follower demographics as your YouTuber. For example, maybe your influencer posts content related to style and clothing, while an influencer from this list posts content related to makeup and beauty. While their actual content may be different, they attract followers with similar demographics. This is a good way to find different influencers without losing sight of your target demographic. 

info we manage on yt_7-1

Notable Followers

These users have 1,000+ followers and public profiles – meaning anyone can view their content. If your content is picked up by one of these well-known YouTubers, it could give a big boost to your brand visibility.

info we manage on yt_5-1

Top Posts

Take a look at an influencer’s top-performing posts to get a better idea of their content.

info we manage on yt_6-1

What's Next

Learn how to export these metrics to Excel or share them in a PDF file or URL link

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