Analyze an Influencer Profile

Learn how to analyze an Influencer’s profile to view their full metrics.

Analyze influencer profiles from these 2 Influencity products:

  1. The Influencity IRM
  2. The Discover product

Analyze Profiles in Your IRM

Your IRM – or Influencer Relationship Management tool – is located in the My Influencers menu. In this section there are multiple ways that you can analyze a profile:

  • By creating an influencer and analyzing their profile – when you create an influencer, you are adding them like a contact in your IRM. If you want to analyze their profile to see their specific metrics, leave the box below ticked. This action has the cost of 1 monthly analysis.
  • Analyze profile By adding a profile to an existing influencer – say, for example, you’ve already added a content creator and have analyzed their Instagram page. However, now you want to see their metrics on TikTok. To do this, go to their page, click Add social network and paste their TikTok URL in the pop-up window. Adding a social media profile to an influencer has the cost of 1 monthly analysis.

Add a profile to an existing influencer Analyzing Profiles from the Discover Product

Influencity’s Discover product is like a Google Search bar for influencers. If you’re still new to this product, first check out this article to understand how Discover works.

If you’ve already run a few searches, it’s time to take the next step and start analyzing profiles. To do this, click Add to

NEW_Search results-1

A pop-up window will then appear asking you to confirm your choice. It will tell you the cost of analyzing this influencer profile and your number of remaining monthly analyses. Click Proceed


Tip: For more information on how your monthly analyses are used, please check out our article, What Are Monthly Analyses and What Are They For? 

You can now see their full metrics from the same page, by clicking on Preview, or by going to your IRM in the My influencers tab. 

Below is an example of what you’ll see when you click preview. This pop-up displays all the Influencity metrics such as Follower Quality, Audience Lookalikes, and Earned Media Value. If you go to View profile, at the bottom, you will be taken to your IRM. 

Preview profile

Can I Add Multiple Profiles to an Influencer from Discover?

No, this action is not possible from Discover. Say you analyze an influencer’s YouTube channel in one search, and then their Instagram page in another. When you go to your IRM, these two profiles would not be linked and would appear as 2 different influencers. To get around this and add multiple social media profiles to one influencer, you would have to open your IRM and follow the process described above

The Next Steps

You’ve now learned how to analyze influencers with Influencity. What’s next? Learn how to work with these profiles in this guide to your IRM home and how to integrate your email to the Influencity platform to start contacting and negotiating with your influencers all in one place.